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Looking for your next Insta-worthy travel destination? Put Budapest on your travel wishlist.

Trundling around Budapest in its charming, creaking yellow trams, its beauty is obvious. The city is a riot of architectural styles; sprawling palaces, expansive public spaces, and wide avenues filled with the former mansions of various princelings. The remains of long-gone empires are still here for all to see. If there were such a thing as building porn, this is the place to find it. Mix this with the sweeping city views, ruinous bars, and old world charm, and you have one of Europe’s most Instagrammable cities.

Only three destinations – Dubrovnik in Croatia, Iceland, and the Scottish Highlands – were ranked ahead of the Hungarian capital on the list.

According to Big 7 Travel, the final results were ranked in order of their visual allure and popularity on social media. Big 7 Travel also includes the seven best spots to visit in each destination for a guaranteed amazing Instagram photo. The winners were chosen via a comprehensive scoring system that analysed the amount of hashtags per destination, survey results of Big 7 Media’s 1.5 million audience, and votes by a panel of travel experts.

The website also reveals the seven best spots to visit in each destination for an amazing Instagram photo. In Budapest, it recommends Széchenyi Thermal Baths, Fishermen’s Bastion, New York Café, the rooftop terrace of Aria Hotel with a view of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Vintage Garden Restaurant and the Jewish Quarter with its colorful street art.

The website site also reveals the seven best photo opportunities in the top 50 locations. In Budapest, it recommends Széchenyi Thermal Baths, Fisherman’s Bastion, New York Café, the rooftop terrace of Aria Hotel Budapest with a view of St. Stephen’s Basilica, Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Vintage Garden, and Jewish Quarter with its colorful street art.

The full list of the “50 Most Instagrammable Places In Europe 2019” is available here.

Below you can find some of our favorite Instagram photos of the beautiful capital, which make it clear that Budapest’s fourth-place spot is well-deserved.


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